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COVID-19 Safe Operational Plan

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Relev.ent are taking additional steps to make sure everyone can stay safe while attending your event, all whilst still having fun using our equipment.  As Government requirements and restrictions are ever evolving we will update our COVID Safe Plan as required.

Please see below for our shared responsibilities.

Our responsibilities:


  • Stay on top of the current pandemic situation and implement changes to our practices if necessary

  • Provide information on safe health, hygiene, and cleaning practices to our staff attending your event

  • Provide effective cleaning products, including hand sanitizer, antibacterial wipes, and antibacterial spray for our staff to safely practice their cleaning responsibilities

  • Monitor our health, and only attend if we are feeling well and show no signs of sickness

  • Clean all frequently touched areas during your event, and before and after back at our warehouse

  • Practice social distancing from guests, and limit contact with others (no shaking hands or touching objects unnecessarily)

  • Practice personal hygiene and hand wash/sanitize regularly throughout the event


Booth Operation with COVID precautions:


Social distancing will be practiced by your booth attendant and with our new contactless sharing service (if included in your hire), only the booth attendant will need to touch the booth screen.

  • Prop use is restricted during this time (very very sad, we get it!)

  • Entry and exit points will be set up creating a flow for guests to travel through the photo booth experience

  • A hygiene station (antibacterial wipes and hand sanitizer) will be set up by the print box for use before touching pens and glue

  • Guests are limited to small groups in the photo booth, discouraging crowding

  • Encourage contactless sharing from the booth with QR codes

  • Only our attendant is to touch the screen


Prop Use for Private residences


For guest safety, we have removed props that would usually touch the face. If you and your guests wish to use the props, please use your discretion and do so safely and responsibly with the cleaning products provided.

  • Our staff will clean props with antibacterial spray and wipes before and after each event at the warehouse

  • All guests must sanitize their hands before handling props

  • Props will be cleaned by our staff throughout the event

  • A hygiene station will be set up at the entry point to the booth area (antibacterial wipes and hand sanitizer) and must be used before handling props and touching pens and glue by the print box

If you have any questions regarding this, please contact us here.

More information can be found on the Department of Health website:

COVID-19 – Simple steps to stop the spread

COVID-19 – Keeping your distance

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